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Flora Brazil

Beauty and nature together: High performance cosmetics with 100% natural assets for professional use and home care.

Flora Brazil Eco Business is a 100% Brazilian company that manufactures and markets high-performance cosmetics for professional use and home care, to meet the daily needs of hair stylists and hair designers demanding. With strategic planning, clearly defined focus and monitoring the movement of global trends, Flora Brazil is engaged, since its founding, in the category sustainability, developing their products always in order to make better the environment and society in their surroundings, generating positive impacts on economic, social and environmental terms.

With headquarters in the city of Salvador, industrial unit in São Paulo and commercial office in Cairo (Egypt), Flora Brazil Eco Business is affiliated with the Union of Cosmetics and Perfumery Industry from Bahia State - SINDICOSMETIC, the Brazilian Association of Toiletry, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry - ABIHPEC and the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce - CCAB.

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Flora Brazil Eco Business understands that sustainability is important and believes that its products help to improve the relationship between people, committing to build a better world..


Flora Brazil Eco Business, appreciates the relationship between people, nature and especially the culture. Encourages individuality and enriches the cultural and natural diversity, valuing the dynamics of society.

Kosmoscience Laboratory

Certified and Assured


Flora Brazil Eco Business products have undergone rigorous laboratory tests and examinations carried out and certified by Kosmo Science Group in the city of Campinas, state of São Paulo. The favorable result guarantees the quality, stability and useful life of the products on the domestic market and abroad, seeking to achieve full satisfaction of customers, business partners and especially the final consume.


Environmental Awareness

Landscape Brazil

Flora Brazil Eco Business has partnered with packaging suppliers, ensuring the use of paper and cardboard products originating from reforestation (Ecoefficient Certificate Paper) in all printing processes. The ink used is of vegetable origin, imported from Japan and has eco efficiency international certification.

Cruelty Free Seal

Cruelty Free

Macaw Feather Brazil

Our products have Cruelty Free seal. We have the total commitment of not performing any type of animal tests. Not only in the formula of our products, but in all the ingredients used to produce them, we make sure that at no time have they been tested on animals.


Health first

  • 0% Formol and derivatives
  • Smokeless
  • No strong smell
  • Zero Carcinogen
0% Formalin or Derivatives
The History - Timeline
Born Flora Brazil

What would be just a turism trip has become a great business opportunity. Karla Brito,  returned from Egypt with an idea in his head, an opportunity in the hands and the desire to undertake spoke up, so is born Flora Brazil Eco Business.

The History - Timeline
Business Planning

In the same year, the Flora Brazil has initiated the phase of strategic, financial planning and human resources. New partners were invited to help make the dream possible, and gradually what was just a great idea, started to become real and concrete.

The History - Timeline

Many studies were conducted in order to offer the best products for your beauty, health and health of the planet. We implement strict manufacturing processes and quality control, to fully serve our clients and maintain the quality of export.

The History - Timeline
Market Entry

In 2015, Flora Brazil launched in the competitive Brazilian and worldwide cosmetics market. With 3 product lines, having entry also in some Arab countries.

The History - Timeline
Egyptian Market

In 2016 we have been able to approve our products in the demanding Egyptian market. We follow all norms and procedures, to adapt the culture and even the religion of the cradle of humanity.

The History - Timeline
Pro Liss Single Dose

Again, Flora Brazil leads the way and creates an innovative product, the Pro Liss Single Dose. Sachets that will transform your wires. More safety for the hairdresser and the customer.

The History - Timeline

Launch of the new e-commerce platform, able to operate in the national and international market. With new design and system developed under the most rigorous criteria of safety, usability and commercial operation.